Subscription Lists

Manage your customer lists with automated opt-outs

Subscription Lists is a feature built into the IntelliSoftware platform which allows you to build and manage a list of subscribers. Using this function enables you to send a messages to all your subscribers in a single operation.

Features Provided by Subscription List:

Creating a Subscription List:

Subscription Lists are managed within the WebSMS portal.

To create a Subscription List:

Automatically building subscriptions:

The IntelliSMS Platform is able to automatically add subscribers to your list when particular events occur (e.g. message sent to your keyword or virtual number).

This functionality is managed through rules. A new rule can be created as follows:

Tip: You can also create a rule that is triggered on a delivery report. For example, create a rule to remove a subscription if you get a Delivery Failure. This can be used to cleanse your list of numbers no longer in use.

API Support:

The follow API support is provided

Update Subscription List (HTTP)API for adding, updating and deleting subscription list entries
Subscription List Event (HTTP)Get notifications of changes made to subscription list