SMS Reply Routing

Receive replies to message that you have sent

Mobile users can reply to SMS messages you send through our SMS Gateway. SMS Replies will appear in your SMS Inbox, available when you login to your account.

The SMS reply service is automatically available on all accounts free of charge. There are no message fees to receive SMS replies back to your account.

Multiple Session Tracking

Our gateway can track multiple conversations with a single mobile phone. Session tracking will route SMS replies back to the originating user.

Email Forwarding

As well as the SMS replies being available in your SMS Inbox we can also forward SMS replies by email.

If you are using the SMS-Email service replies will automatically be forwarded back to your email address by default.

However, if you are using the SMS-Web service then replies can also be routed to a fixed email address.

HTTP Forwarding

For advanced users, replies can be configured to go directly to your website via a HTTP request.