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IntelliSoftware provides a fast and reliable text messaging service. Our Internet to SMS gateway provides coverage to almost all operators in the world.

IntelliSoftware SMS Gateway can be used in the following ways:

Web to SMS

2-way SMS from your connected device

Send and receive SMS messages in your web browser from any Desktop and Mobile device.

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Email to SMS

2-way SMS in Microsoft Outlook

Send SMS messages from Microsoft Outlook (or any email client). Replies from mobile recipients will be routed back to your email inbox.

SMS in Outlook Email to SMS

WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp for Business

Communicate effectively with Rich Personalised Messaging, Trusted Business Profiles and Real-time chat

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SMS Gateway API

2-way SMS for Cloud and On-Premise Apps

A range of interfaces are available to integrate SMS functionality into your own cloud based or on-premise systems.

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Receive SMS

Dedicated Virtual Numbers and Shortcode Keywords

Receive SMS messages from mobile phones via a dedicated long number or shared shortcode. SMS messages received can be viewed in your online SMS Inbox or forwarded to you via Email or HTTP Post.

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Voice SMS (Text-to-Voice)

Voice SMS (Text-to-Voice)

Send voice messages to mobile phones and landlines. Messages are automatically converted into spoken English (text-to-voice).

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IntelliSoftware SMS Gateway offers:

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